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Functional Additive Masterbatch

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Anti-fogging & Long-life Masterbatch

  • Excellent antifogging effect and stability for U.V, outstanding transparency.
  • LDPE, LLDPE, EVA for agricultural film.

Anti-static Masterbatch

  • Lasting anti-static effect.
  • Polyolefin & Polystyrene product for packing electronic parts.

Anti-block Masterbatch

  • Excellent slipping effect, Easy to open film, Excellent transparency, Reducing static electricity.
  • LDPE, HDPE, EVA & PP for plastic films.

Anti-microbial Masterbatch

  • Rapid anti-microbial effect, Giving good tranparency for plastic films because of being made with fine powders.
  • PP, PE, ABS for injection / extrusion / blow molding.